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X-Country Race 6: Sinai Park by Simon Rolfs

X-Country Report by Simon Rolfs

Venue: Sinai Park
Date: 28th Feb 2010

It was a somewhat depleted orange horde that descended on a cold and damp Burton for the final cross country before the national final. In the orange corner for the day's festivities, five men (allegedly) and Sarah, not enough for a team but more than sufficient to wreak havoc amongst the assembled masses of the 'running clubs'. The pre race conversation revolved around which brand of wellie would be most appropriate, although perhaps a large Massey Ferguson should have been the order of the day.

On the B of the Bang, the Derby Tri Stallions (and filley) took off up the hill, and soon found ankle deep mud for company, the majestic Thornton (you owe me a beer Andy) perfectly at home wallowing in the mire. As the relative flat of the start soon gave way to agonising uphill trudges against the backwards slide of the mud, followed by treacherous descents without a brake as an option it became clear that the challenge would be more about keeping our feet than breaking any records. On several occasions the orange vests could be seen dancing through the trees after overshooting a particularly slippery corner and even walking up a sheer mud hill within touching distance of the finish. The final descent to the finish almost resulted in belly flops for some of us, shortly followed by mild satisfaction at having got round without having nose dived into a muddy pool.

The results? I hear you ask...

19 Andy Thornton
32 Simon Rolfs
55 Martin Whelan
60 Andy Grigg
64 Richard Hawksworth
14 Sarah Goodwin

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