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OW Swimming during September 2014

UPDATE 5th SEPTEMBER 2014 - OW will only be run on SATURDAYs during September

There are members who still want to swim in preparation for IM Barcelona / Garmin Barcelona events so we have decided to keep the site open for a further 4 weeks.

This depends on numbers, safety cover and water temp.

What is important is we get the safety cover, even if only two are swimming. If you have finished OW for the season and have not done any OW cover, perhaps now is the time to offer to help.

The sign up will be extended on the OW page - click here.

Thanks for all of the members who have provided safety cover through the season. I know I have pestered you all for the whole summer but the result is we have not lost a single swim session for 4 months . I am sure it is much appreciated by the many swimmers who have used the venue through the season.

Steve Tatem

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