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The Outlaw - My Journey by Lorna Magowan

Outlaw 2013 – My Journey 

My Outlaw journey began in 2009 when I heard that OneStepBeyond were holding an Ironman distance triathlon in Nottingham for the first time in 2010. Being a bit of a rebel and having lived and worked in Nottingham for most of my adult life the thought of being an Outlaw greatly appealed to me. It just involved the small matter of doing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. So I pre-registered my interest and bought a lovely white Outlaw training hoodie. However, when it came to registering my life had taken an unexpected twist and I decided I didn’t have the time to commit myself to all the training.

2010 came and on the first weekend of July I thought about The Outlaw, similarly in 2011. A seed was definitely still there! In August 2012 I moved house and found my unworn white hoodie in the bottom of a drawer (I couldn’t wear it could I? – I hadn’t done the training never mind the event!). The thought of sending it to a charity shop didn’t sit well with me at all and I started thinking again about attempting The Outlaw. So in September 2012 I bit the bullet and entered Outlaw 2013. 

Next was the small matter of sorting out a training plan.  Purely by chance one Tuesday night at swimming Sarah (Goodwin) mentioned that Andy (Thornton) had started coaching and that if I was interested in having a training plan to drop him an e-mail which I did.   At our first meeting Andy asked me what time I would like to do and I plucked 13 hours out the air – there was some basis to this 1ish for swim, 7ish for bike and 5ish for run.So based on this, not so random target, my training plan was written and training commenced.

I would like to say that thereafter my training plan went to schedule but it didn’t thanks to my eldest son falling off a ladder at work and going through a window severing an artery and several ligaments in his arm, going out running in the snow/ice with my youngest son and falling down a pot-hole badly spraining my ankle which stopped me running for about 10 weeks, and then just as that was sorting itself out I went round a corner way too fast on my TT bike when it was wet and fell off badly injury my hip – I did keep hold of the fig roll I was eating at the time though J. 

2013 arrived and much to my surprise I wasn’t the usual wobbling mass of jelly I normally am on race day. I just felt totally resigned that whatever would be would be. There was also the huge sense of relief that all the training was over. In 7 months I had covered 72 swimming miles, 2725 cycling miles and 314 running miles. Much of this was done on my own without the obligatory tea and cake stop at the end L - not good!

At 6am race commenced and when I could find some open water I did enjoy the swim. The majority of it was more like a rugby scrum though :-s! 1h 20mins later (yes, I did have a cup of tea in transition!)  it was bike time J. I can honestly say that the bike was brill (apart from the blow-torch on my toes for the last 15 miles!).

Before I knew where I was I was on the run (more like a shuffle!). If anyone had told me beforehand that I could spend 5 and a half hours going ‘up-down’ ‘up-down’ ‘up-down’ in my head, thinking of little else other than if I was eating a banana, an orange or an energy gel at the next feed station and if it was water, coke or high-five (yuk!) I would never have believed them! At 7:16pm, 13 hours 16 minutes and 29 seconds after starting, and with a feeling of immense relief, I hit the finisher tape J. Would I do it again……………?  Only time will tell J.

For anyone out there who has any desire to do an Ironman or Ironman-distance triathlon my advice to you would be ‘just do it’. It’s an amazing experience and was certainly one of the best days of my life!  I know it doesn’t say much for the rest of my life if exercising for 13hours+ in a temperature of 29C is one of the best lol J!

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