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New DTC Monday Swim Session

We have now started our new Monday swim sessions at Lonsdale Swimming Pool in Mickleover. The sessions run from 7.30-8.30pm and cost £3. These sessions are uncoached, our coaching team will provide a set for you to swim but organisation into lanes etc will be down to members to sort out themselves.

The pool is 25m with 5 lanes so we will be limited to 30 swimmers per session, Please signup for these sessions via the website. All other usual club rules for swim sessions will apply.

In order to allow these sessions to run we need a money collector to volunteer. It is usually best for 2 or 3 people to cover this role between them to ensure we are not just relying on 1 person to turn up every week.

There is also the possibility to use this session to hire out to individuals and small groups who may want to hire their own coaches for more personalised training sessions and also possibly for the juniors to use in the future, please contact me if you are interested in exploring these options at

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