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Naomi's Ironman for Trudy's Trust


As most of you know I am competing in the UK Ironman on the 22nd July 2012 in sunny Bolton, Lancashire! The event consists of a 2.4 mile swim - 112 mile bike - 26.2 mile run all to be completed in one day! You may think I’m mad, you’re probably right and some of you will probably remember when I did the last one 2 years ago. Well this time I will be raising money for a local charity called Trudy’s Trust. The founder, Mark is a member of my local business group and he lost his daughter to a Brain tumour in 2011. Mark has since set up Trudy’s trust a charity committed to raising awareness of Brain Tumours and funds for Brain Tumour Research with the aim of getting a better prognosis for Brain Tumour sufferers, and ultimately a cure.

Please put your hands in your pockets and spare some funds for the charity, I can assure you I will be working hard in return on the 22nd. I’ve attached links below to the UK Ironman website and Trudy’s trust for further information. It is likely that the event will be televised but you can also track my progress through the Ironman website on the day. Of course if you fancy a trip up to Bolton to support, I can guarantee it will be a great day out and the support will be much appreciated.

To donate please visit my Just giving page:

Your support is appreciated.

Naomi : )


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