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Mud, mud, glorious mud by Nicole Stewart

Perfect for spending a morning in! Which is exactly what I did on the 29th June. Myself, nephew Ben and friend Andy had entered the X Runner Water Wipeout at Holme Pierrepoint.

A 10km run which is hindered (!) by about 46 obstacles with the basic theme being getting wet and muddy. So, there were quite a few dunkings to be had including two very fast, very steep water slides that deposited you in the drink at great velocity and to great depth.

Other challenges included cargo nets; crawling through muddy storm drains; getting tangled up in rope; wading through deep gloopy shoe sucking mud and so on. What a way to spend a Saturday morning. It was fantastic fun. As the pictures show, there were smiles all round in our team.

And the water really was tropical. No wetsuits, obviously, just running kit and trainers – perfect swimming attire! Lots of competitors to provide a great atmosphere - going off in waves of 250 every half hour. But folk soon spread out giving you space to tackle obstacles unhindered by masses of others.

Even Steve Cram had a go. So a must for 2014. Any takers? At about the 8km mark, Andy started up a military style sing song which summed the day up perfectly. I don’t know where I have been – All I know I smell obscene!

Nicole Stewart

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