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Kev Crisp - Ironman UK

Following on from Naomi's excellent race and review I thought I would write my review , which might be of interest for those of you considering the step up to iron distance.

Well done Naomi and Mark fantastic races and times you did us all proud.

Ironman uk in Bolton was my first attempt at Iron distance , making the step up from middle and Olympic distance .

Training went well but was didnt quite go to plan as 2 weeks before taper was due to start I had a bad dose of chicken pox ( yep I'm 37 hard to believe but true)

Race Week.
The demands of race week surprised me as I was used to turning up the day before at the event registering, racking bike then chill, jobs a good one. I had a recce ride up sheep house lane on thursday then it got busy.
Bolton with its split transistion s miles apart was quite demanding and having registered Friday evening then attend the race briefing that night this left Saturday to watch my kids do ironkids then just rack my bike and then head to Horwich to T2, then chill. I would strongly recommend this to anyone as I think it would be tough to do it all the day before.

Race Day
Having spent a few days surrounded by super human and fast looking people my nerves had peaked on Thursday , so when the alarm went off at 3 am on race day I felt ok.
Arrived at Pennington flash at 430 ish. Bike checked, loo time ,tyres done ,loo time, wet suit on , loo again and before I knew it I was positioned last but one at the back of the swim and 50 metres from start ( where I wanted to be) waiting for the klaxon .

We were off the klaxon sounded .
Lap 1 very uneventful . I delayed my start and watched for a minute or so to let it all calm down as I'm not a fan of open water wrestling . It seemed to calm down and off I went and within minutes I was amongst the breast strikers , one smack to the nose which luckily didnt drew blood but all was good , lap one 38 mins.
Lap 2 it was obvious all the early front runners had burned out of steam or I had caught the main group up but from the first buoy to the exit it was a mass of bodies, but the usual knocks and kicks to the finish . But all in all swim was pretty uneventful which I was happy with and felt good exiting the water.
Out the water 1 hr 21 that will do.

No rush here I just wanted to make sure I got everything right.

Set off on the bike at a steady pace , nothing amazing just focusing on total comfort. At around 10 miles I hit a bottle neck of cyclists all forming to get past a really inconsiderate cyclist who wasn't overtaking but hogging the line. After sitting in the mayhem he was causing for approx 2 miles I travelled up the inside and suggested he move over, ( had i not done this iam pretty sure i would still be stuck behind him now) good old Kev got thanked loads by the passing athletes then the Marshall appeared and said something but I wasn't quite sure what but I heard "penalty". I was gutted , had I been disqualified? , had I been warned or had I received a penalty? , this really set all sorts of emotions off and I wasn't sure what I was meant to do in t2 just carried on.
The rest of the ride was pretty much about fuelling ready for sheep house lane ( you have got to love that hill) . The ride was good in general and after I had settled down after the Marshall incident I enjoyed it until up a slight climb my seat post dropped into the frame which caused me to stop for a few mins to fix.
By the third lap of the bike the wind had changed and it was tough. On lap one I had been hit 23 mph in the aero position down one straight but now on the same straight I was out of the saddle and struggling to hit 14 mph , it was tough but everyone was in the same boat .
7h02 mins
Some major highs and lows on the bike
Colt alley - wow those guys were amazing, proper hairs standing up on the back of my neck.
My dad on sheephouse lane midway up with his loudspeaker playing an ' Oolay , Oolay' tune.
My support crew on sheep house lane

Marshall incident
Seat post
Head winds on lap three

Too much time wasted talking to race ref to finally establish I had been given a warning and not a penalty, good stuff.Off then into the changing rooms, took my time and made sure I was ready. I was really surprised by the number of bags still in transistion, maybe my bike wasn't that bad.

Again very uneventful first 14 miles and on for a 3.50 marathon, awesome but then struck with bad pains in my left foot. ( turns out to be ligament damage) .this came about just as the heavens opened up big style. Run was never in doubt that I would finish but 22 miles onwards was a funny looking shuffle as the pain shot through the whole of my left hand side .
5 hr 03 min
"Kev crisp you are an ironman"

13hr 48

A fantastic day that just flew by and would I do an iron distance again - definite yes, I can't wait.

Surviving the swim.
Colt alley
Giving Andy Holgate a quote for his next book 24 miles into the marathon and one he said he will use.
That guy in his speedos on the bike and run- made me smile, keep it up fella.
My awesome family
Soggy ritz biscuits- something nice about them .
That can of beer at the finish line .

Can't wait until my next one. Learnt so much and I will definitely be back for more.

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