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Golden Chainset 2011 - Voting Now Open

Club Awards 2011 - Golden Chainset
Voting Now Open

The Golden Chainset is the award for the most entertaining mishap or mistake that has occurred during the course of: racing; training; or a Club event.  Below is a shortlist of nominees for this award with a brief summary of why they have been nominated and the link so you can vote.

Andy Thornton – 4 nominations
After much mockery at us other derby members (especially me) for not being able to mount the bike properly and fast from transition 1 in races (Andy T does this very well, a manoeuvre I have now named the flying squirrel but still haven’t mastered myself) I only wish I could have been a spectator at Bala when Andy T came out of T1 to conduct the said flying squirrel only to get it totally wrong and end up in the lap of a lady in a wheel chair, brilliant and apparently hilarious. Also because of his commitment to his strict training plan for his 1st middle distance race at Bala, only to get a puncture on his bike by hitting the only pot hole on the bike leg. Then he was unable to fix the puncture, not through lack of ability or spare parts but his hands were to cold due to weather conditions. So had to settle for a DNF. He missed out on shorter races and the summer series as they were not part of his training for his middle distance. You gotta feel for the guy !

Rob Osborne – 3 nominations
Down to a few reasons but the main ones are, his late entry (with no training) to Bala Middle distance never having ridden more than 20 miles – and marathon training on a treadmill (Only 3-3 hour runs) and completing the whole thing in a Triathlon suit when others had coats and gloves on due to the weather conditions, he's a bit strange. Also his running style, this makes me smile so so much ;-)

Mel Brigden – 3 nominations
For being in the toilets at Blithfield reservoir having a good old chin wag with Naomi and her friend (Harriet - who incidentally, Mel had persuaded to enter the event as her first triathlon) when the start whistle was being blown for the start of the sprint race which she and her friend were entered in. Both subsequently legged it to the reservoir and jumped in starting the best part of a couple of minutes behind the more organised competitors! Despite the harsh initiation to the world of triathlon Mel's friend Harriet went onto to compete at the club relays and derby tri I believe. And people say I’m disorganised and always late. That, I maybe but I’ve never missed the start of my race!! Ha ha.

Hayden Smedley – 2 nominations
We need to nominate Hayden for turning up to time trials with cling film over his cycle helment to make him more aero!!

Mark Gardner - 2 nominations
He turns up at the national relays without a bike! His reason was "i couldn't find all the parts to the bike carrier, and as i had already filled the car with family i couldn't get it in!" mmmmmm, nice one Mark :] The first we knew about this was when Mark (and Simon Rolfs) were eyeing my bike up and Mark asking "do you think your bike would fit me?"

Which was fine, but he was off after me in the relay, so we couldn't get the bike into transition! Then we started asking around if anyone who had raced on the Saturday could lend him the bike for the Sunday event, no luck, but plenty of raised eyebrows.

Finally it got sorted by the first person in our relay team (Darren Robinson), loaning him his TT bike, which wasn't a problem, except when you see the difference in height between the two, one short arse (Mark) the other over 6ft, which meant, due to the saddle height, Mark had to sit on the on the nose of the saddle in such a way I'm surprised he's not had to have surgery!

Rob Cogings – 1 nomination (self)
Plymouth olympic tri - I get a bit nervous before a race and am keen to be as lite as possible so with only 10 mins to go before the start of the sea swim i decided to go for a pee one last time. However i already had my wetsuit on and so with the clock ticking i decided to try and get the top down to my waist and then pull my new derby tri suit down as far as it would go. Unfortunately while i managed to spend a penny, the zip broke on my tri suit. I picked up the broken zip from the floor and walked back to transition trying to put it back together. A few bent safety pins later and i gave up trying to fix things. I was almost last in to the water but i was in the 2nd wave so not too much of a problem. At T1 i was running out of transition when the race ref stopped me and said i 'couldn't go out like that', i.e. zip undone and an open chest for all to see. I was a bit disorientated having just swam a mile in the sea and started to say 'what do expect me to do?' when i decided to put on a t-shirt. The ref added that I could be disqualified. I had to re-rack the bike, take off the helmet, put the t-shirt on and then, under the glaring eyes of the ref managed to get out of T1 in a shocking time of 2mins 30s.

I was absolutely devasted at nearly getting DQ and was fuming at my need to pee just before the race started. The delay meant i clocked just over 3hrs and not just under. It later cost me £11 to get the zip repaired

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