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Full Boar Middle Distance by Simon Rolfs

My first attempt at a middle distance tri was bala earlier this year, which despite the cold water, wind and rain I was reasonably pleased just to get round. However, I learnt a lot about pacing myself and taking on food and drink having crashed over the 2nd half of the run, finally staggering to the finish in 5.35.

So with a certain amount of frustration at this and another below par performance at ripon I entered full boar middle organised by 1485 tri club at market bosworth. A recce a couple of weeks before meant I had swam in the lake and cycled a lap of the bike course as well as the run, and despite some illness in the run up to the race, I felt ready for it. All I needed now was for the weather to be better than my previous few races which had everything from torrential rain, strong winds, air temperatures of 5oC and hail. Mid September in England, what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing fortunately, the morning of the race was clear, although a little cold at 7am, it warmed up nicely during the race and even the 14oC water temperature felt warm compared to bala. Three DTC relay teams lined up alongside Andy Thornton and I for the 2 lap swim. Rich Hale (who'd had to stop a number of times to adjust his goggles) and Ken Hardy were the 1st 2 swimmers out of the water handing onto Naomi Warr and James Bishop respectively. My own 33.30 was 6 minutes quicker than bala and even included a couple of 'roll onto my back and smash anyone near me turns'.

The bike was 4 laps, and after Andy quickly passed me I realised I was the last DTC person on the road and i wasn't having that! I finished the bike in 2.51 having passed 2 of the relay teams and feeling like I had eaten and drunk enough this time.

The run was an undulating out and back that you completed twice which was just a little short of a half marathon, and I was pleased with a steady 1.27. Although the road you run on is quiet it is not closed and one local obviously took exception to the race and decided to take his frustration out by driving straight at me so that i had to jump onto the verge just before the finish!

Having said that, this was a well run event which is very good for spectators able to watch laps which were long enough not to become boring. A good way to round off the season and it was great to see so many DTC members there.


Name Pos Time Swim Bike Run
Andy Thornton 8 4.17.44 34.26 2.26.24 1.14.53
Team Warr Lords 21 4.31.14 29.03 2.38.54 1.22.14
Simon Rolfs 52 4.55.23 33.31 2.51.37 1.27.43
Team Goodie Goodie Yum Yum 57 5.00.08 32.15 2.58.39 1.28.07
Team Thorntons Magimix 79 5.11.27 29.08 3.17.50 1.22.14

Team Warr Lords

  • Rich Hale
  • Naomi Warr
  • Andy Grigg
Team Goodie Goodie Yum Yum
  • Chris Redding
  • Sarah Goodwin
  • Julie Coulbert
Team Thorntons Magimix
  • Ken Hardy
  • James Bishop
  • Rob Cogginigs

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