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Foremark Pool Sprint Triathlon by Clive Holland

This was my 3rd triathlon, Foremark School is only 5 miles from home, so I decided to ride to the race, so that I could be there for the presentations. This was not a good idea as Ingleby road was well under water, 4X4 cars were not going through! I met up with Steven Randle at Stanton by Bridge, but the back road was also closed so we had to ride on to Ticknall to get to the start; more than double the planned ride!

So to the race itself, registration & racking the bike went easily due to the great organisation. I walked off to the pool the wrong way & then realised I had my bike shoes on! I got to the pool in plenty of time, everyone friendly and willing to chat. Pool brief good, and off I went, the swim is my poorest section, so I was last of my group out of the pool. The run to transition was long but I was finally on the bike and heading out on to roads I know fairly well.

The bike is my best section (and my favourite) first target here was not to get caught by anyone who had started behind me and to catch up with as many of the guys who started at the same time as me. I am very happy that I was not caught and I think I went past all of those who started at 9:24 with me. There was a horse on the Ticknall - Ingleby road that caused Steve Randle to have to break after it bolted as I went past (sorry Steve).

The run was very heavy going after all the rain that we have had and was not as flat as I was expecting! Steve went back past me at the beginning of lap two. I had enough left for a sprint finish (maybe I didn’t try hard enough!) After the race the atmosphere was great all the marshals and officials helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

All-in-all a great race and I hope to be racing this event for many more years.

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