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Derby Triathlon by Hayden Smedley

It was time again for Derby Triathlon 2011, which is my favourite race and the one I focus my small amount of training on.

My plan was to be the first to finish Derby Triathlon 2011 and I didn’t disappoint! ;-)

I decided to race as an individual and as part of a team. I managed to race individually in the first wave 07:30 and benefitted from a congestion free pool, I needed all the help I could get as some of you may know I am still learning to swim.

Then to T1, I put on my sunglasses and newly purchased aero helmet, (no aerodynamically proven taped/cling filmed helmet for this race- Cavendish won his world title wearing something similar ;-) ran out of transition to mount the bike, only one small draw back I was very hot and my sunglasses were very cold being 07:40 am, they fogged up instantly making navigating through transition very tricky to say the least!

Then to the bike, 18km course which I have rode plenty of times. It was a lonely bike pretty much like a Time Trial due to being in the first wave, so had no one to try and chase down. Just my bike computer and my fear of descents to keep me company.

Then to the run to a relatively flat 5k apart from the 3 little climbs to the back of Etwall Church, I’m sure they have got steeper, down Sutton lane to the cycle path/disused rail track for an out and back run.

I was the first over the finish line and around 4 minutes faster than last year which was my plan!

Finishing the race just gone 08:30, I had a 4 hour much needed rest before I got to do the bike leg in a relay team.

Our relay team comprised of:-


  • Swim: Leanne Atkins (My better half)
  • Bike: Me (Hayden Smedley)
  • Run: Andy Thornton


Leanne being a very good City Of Derby swimmer put us with a late start time against the faster competitors that can finish with sub hour times. I waited in transition for Leanne to run from the swim and took the timing chip from her ankle and put it on mine and off I went no foggy sunglasses this time!

If you know my cycling style, you’ll know I like to ride flat out but not far! I was tempted to start off easy to reduce the chance of blowing up on the bike after racing 4 hours prior, but that went out of the window and I got stuck in, didn’t want to let the team down!

This time the bike was far more exciting/interesting as the wind had picked up and there were other similar ability cyclists for me to race..................the main race I had was with a Mr John Pope, I worked hard to trying keep him at bay (obviously with no drafting) knowing I had no run off the bike and he did, ha ha ha!

Came in to transition and whoops ran straight past my allocated racking place so had to run back and rack and then run back to Andy Thornton and look at his disapproving face as he removed my timing and off he went on his 5k run .....

Our team finished in a time of 56:51, the winning relay time! My first ever win at Triathlon, be it part of a team it was still a win! Well done team.

I thought I’d be slower 2nd time round on the bike but I was surprisingly faster! Not sure if this was due the wind picking up and suiting my ability, no swim prior or having to run after or racing against people rather than time gives you a much greater mental push.

I really enjoy this race being the clubs home race, great atmosphere, lots of DTC members cheering you on or giving you banter.

The race really couldn’t happen without the support from all the marshals & helpers. So thank you to you all!

Some of the DTC Club members put in outstanding times:-

Overall Name  Cat Cat Pos Time
5 Chris Nicoll M4044 2 0:55:26
7 Team Beauty And The Beasts Relay 1 0:56:51
14 Thomas Peoples M2529 5 0:58:38
16 Jake Manning M2529 6 0:59:15
17 John Pope M4549 2 0:59:17
20 Simon Lloyd M3539 2 1:00:48
27 Hayden Smedley M3034 6 1:02:49
29 Chris Redding M4549 4 1:03:05
35 Naomi Warr F3034 2 1:04:07
38 Simon Oldacre M4044 7 1:04:12
43 Mark Smith M4044 9 1:04:49
45 Ian Burrows M4044 10 1:05:12
46 Gavin Fletcher M3539 5 1:05:16
50 Chris Keegan M3539 6 1:05:29
66 Robert Cogings M4044 14 1:06:27
76 Paul Wilson M2529 10 1:06:53
78 Paul Newton M3034 10 1:06:57
87 Mark Ratcliffe M3539 13 1:07:39
103 Adrian Davies M3034 16 1:08:50
105 Adrian Howlett M4044 20 1:08:55
124 Tim Scanlon M3539 22 1:10:19
135 Robert Osborne M3539 25 1:10:55
151 Andrew Maronge M3539 30 1:11:37
171 Richard Bolus M3034 22 1:12:35
172 Ken Hardy M5054 8 1:12:36
173 Justin Saunders M3539 34 1:12:42
202 Rachel Smith F4549 5 1:14:01
225 Jim Pryke M4044 39 1:15:19
228 Wayne Brooks M4044 40 1:15:34
266 Harriet Lamb F3034 7 1:17:35
275 Dave Acklam M4044 48 1:17:54
284 Chris Owen M3034 44 1:18:10
293 Julie Coulbert F5054 3 1:18:43
332 Paul Webster M5559 8 1:20:53
475 Corinne Marsh F4549 18 1:33:05
479 Alexandra Scanlon F3539 24 1:33:34

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