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Derby 10k by Elisa Zamora


The Derby 10k was my first road race so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I am comfortable on 10k so I hadn't really given it much thought until the night before. At the time I registered I was hoping to beat 55 mins, but come race day I was wishing I'd put down 50mins as my target time!
There was a really good crowd despite freezing cold wind (is it really the end of April?). I looked out for other DTC-ers but I think everyone was much faster than me.
I started to get cold as we lined up in our designated starting positions and my calves started to cramp up...I couldn't wait to get started before it set in! I'm not good running in the cold.
Early on I managed to edge my way forward so that I had the 50 min pace setter in my sight and tried to keep a steady pace behind. I'm not very good at pacing myself and I find it very difficult to keep my speed down early on in a run, so I had to fight my urge to race to the front. I was nice to have the crowd cheering everyone on.
It was all going well for the first half. I was fine at that pace, but then at the 5k mark and drinks station there was a bit of mayhem and as I'm not used to it I let it affect my rhythm and I lost sight of the pace setter. When I found him again I realised I'd dropped further back than I thought...tried to catch up...too fast...had to back chance of catching up. So I just kept going as steadily as I could, a bit of congestion along the footpath (I think this was around 7 or 8km), then really picked up the pace on the last k and about 10 yards from the finish my right thigh cramped up horribly and had to hobble across the line.
I waved at my neighbour, no sign of my husband and child (later I learnt she was having a tantrum!). My instant reaction was to feel I could have done better. When I looked at the race results I felt even more disappointed because I looked at gun time rather than chip time. As soon as I realised my mistake I noticed I had a new PB of 52:20, which I was very pleased with. Not the sub-50 I'd hoped for but not bad considering I only started running about a year ago, not even sure if I could manage 5k back then.
The course is a nice, flat easy run, which is an ideal first race for newbies like me, or a training run for more experienced athletes!  It was a good first experience of running in a crowd. Next time I will have to think about a better pacing strategy and trying to avoid cramp. The winning time was about 30:41 so I don't think I'll be getting anywhere near that any time soon!

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