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Club Bash 2012: Friday 19th October

Club Bash 2012:  Friday 19th October.  Tickets now on sale!
Sustainability’s the buzz word of the year.  Everyone talks about it, yet nobody seems to know exactly what it means.  We have an inkling (probably incorrect) and have pegged our venue decision on re-investing in our local sporting community.  Posh hotels are for middle-upper class people and we triathletes are typically, um,…ok, bad example.  We’ve opted for Derby Rugby Club on the basis that HRH Rolfs and I are ex-players and know the venue and staff well.  Nothing at all to do with it being within stumbling distance from the Chairman’s luxury Darley Abbey paddock.

‘Haslams’, as it’s known to cool people, is nestled in the picturesque village of Darley Abbey and within striking distance of The Abbey, one of the ‘shire’s most eclectic public houses (monasteries).   Kicking off at 19:00h, the festivities can continue in the nearby city centre, connected via Darley Park & the river Derwent.  Wetsuits optional.

Derby Rugby Club regularly hosts weddings, functions and its Michelin chef* will prepare a sumptuous 3-course dinner for all and sundry.  Presentations, awards and a discotheque will follow the feed, all for just £15 per person.  The Club has taken the decision to subsidise the event for its members although only 100 tickets are available this year on a first served basis.

‘When?’ I hear you cry. Friday 19th October.  Away from half term, racing and the Christmas office do roadshow season.  Buy your tickets online at

Don’t forget that partners are more than welcome and that tables will be set up in a 10-place sitting format.  Make our lives easier by arranging your tables in advance – simply email with all such requests. 

Mark Gardner

*Chef has a Michelin tyre on his Ford Escort

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