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2016 Golden Chainset Nominations

Nominations for the 2016 Golden Chainset are in.  Click on the link below to place your vote.

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1. Amine Hammami - nominated by Ian Couch

Amine has been training hard all year for his first ever iron man. And as anyone who knows Amine will tell you, he likes to train HARD. So hard in fact that our Summer Series B course was too short for him! Allegedly he got lost - on the easiest course, which he has done before! He even claims to have had to ask for directions back to Etwall! But we know the real reason - he wanted those extra miles in. Here is his route (click on map for larger image):

Interestingly, he has logged it all on his Garmin as an open water swim!

2. Hayden Smedley - nominated by Ian Couch

Hayden has been competitive with Sam Martin all year, and the Summer Series was no exception. On one C course occasion, Hayden saw his opportunity to collect extra points when Sam wasn't racing - but took the sharp gravelly left hander way too fast and had a spill. The good news was that the blood and gravel matched his red and black colour scheme. The bad news was that his brake was stuck on, so although he continued to a very respectable 3rd, he might actually have won if it wasn't for the spill! There were rumours that Mr Martin had bribed a Summer Series organiser to put the gravel in that specific place, but I assure you these are unsubstantiated.

3. Simon Rolfs - nominated by Kevin Gerrard, Marvin Malia and most of the club

Simon coaches running - yes, that's right, running. During one Darley Park session, Coach Rolfs decided to show off his mountain bike skills. No one knows exactly why, because he doesn't have any, managing a spectacular low speed fall in front of his athletes while getting them to do hill reps. And in case they missed it, he did it again! When questioned on how this was supposed to help improve running, Coach Rolfs could only say he was quite literally bending over backwards for his athletes.

4. Kevin Gerrard - nominated by Marvin Malia and the eye witnesses

Following a tough TT session, Kev was so taken by Marvin's witty charm and rugged looks that he plain forgot to strap his bike to his roof carrier. Eye witnesses described the carnage that ensued as he drove off and said bike slid off the roof. You will all be pleased to hear that the bike was ok, which is more than can be said for Mr Gerrard's pride. When asked about the incident, Kev blamed Marv for "distracting" him, although it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

5. Mark "Multitool" Ryder and Julie "Massage Oil" Morris - nominated by Elisa Zamora

The club trip is a very exciting event indeed, and in the case of these two athletes, soooo exciting that they were rather careless with their packing. When airport security found offending items in their hand luggage, they both appeared surprised. Mr Ryder attempted to smuggle a multi tool. Mrs Morris attempted to conceal a large bottle of massage oil. Ryder and Morris exchanged worried looks, and were overheard whispering "the whips and chains all got through ok", although rumour has it that last bit was probably a complete fabrication.

6. Lindsey Appleby - nominated by Chris Keegan

Every year Lindsey looks forward to the inter-club aquathlon. However, this year she was unable to make it as she was in New York (get her!) so she decided to send her best wishes to all competing via the magic of Facebook. Somehow, Lindsey ended up caught in an intergalactic webulator timewarp whereby her messages were posted after the event and several times over. This caused much confusion among club members who thought they had to repeat the race, before realising Lindsey had teleported back to 1999 and dial-up internet access. Rumours of it all being down to "senior" moments or too much Pinot blush are unfounded.

7. Steve Gray - nominated by Lindsey Appleby

Steve has improved his triathlon skills massively this year. However, his bike handling skills leave a lot to be desired. During one group social ride, Steve forgot to unclip at a junction and fell off his bike. Nothing spectacular about that you may say, except that Steve managed to get his bike run over by the car behind, breaking his derallieur and bending his wheel. The driver of the car has agreed to pay for the damage, rumour has it that it was just a ploy to upgrade to a better bike...

8. Rhys Hancock - nominated by Lindsey Appleby

Rhys is new to the club but it seems has embraced the club spirit wholeheartedly- which includes an propensity for getting lost. With so many nominations for people getting lost, you may wonder what makes this one stand out. Rhys managed to get lost on his own route, that he himself carefully prepared and selected for the group ride. He could have pretended that he planned it that way all along, but rumour has it he really wants that chainset trophy!

9. Kyle Smith - nominated by Hayden Smedley and Graham Smith

Kyle has done rather well in his first summer series and time trial season, putting the older guys to shame. However, there was the little incident where Kyle managed to get hopelessly lost on his first ever time trial outing. One can forgive him this because he isn't even old enough to drive. What makes this tale different from the other "getting lost" stories is that young Mr Smith put Hayden and Sam Martin to shame with his smooth talking charm, managing to make a lady friend and convincing her to buy him a drink in the process. When asked about the incident, Kyle's dad Graham claimed that he gets it all from his old man, but that last bit might be completely made up.

10. Chris Nicoll - nominated by Liz Burgess and Lindsey Appleby

Chris decided that the club relays event was lacking some suspense and intrigue. Wanting to make life difficult for himself and give the opposing teams an advantage, Chris went AWOL when teammate Liz finished the bike leg. He claims to have gone to make use of the toilet facilities, but those of us who know Mr Nicoll and his competitive spirit suspect differently. Team "Lost in transition" lived up to its name!

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