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  • Chris Keegan - Coach

    Coach - Chris Keegan

    I first got into triathlon after being injured from running, and being invited down to Derby Tri from someone at the running club. That was nearly 10 years ago and I immediately got the bug for triathlon. I love the variety of the sport but there's not enough hours in the day to fit it all in.

    I've only ever done sprint distance triathlons after my only Olympic distance was turned into an aquathlon because of fog. I'm now more interested in the coaching and social side of triathlon.

    I've always been a runner from school age, and represented Derbyshire and Derby AC in many events.

    I started working in the leisure industry over 20 years ago, gaining gym qualifications, training lifeguards in CPR , first aid etc. I then got into swim teaching and in which I currently work full time at Moorways. I enjoy teaching all ages and abilities and seeing people get engaged in the learning process and as a result watching them improve. I enjoy my job that much I have additionally set up my own swim business teaching and coaching adults and juniors in groups or 121s.

    I've been coaching triathlon about 3 years, and coach adult and juniors. I like seeing the novices come into the sport and how much enthusiasm they have when they get bit by thetriathlon bug, like I was all those years ago.

  • Simon Rolfs - Coach

    Coach - Simon Rolfs

  • Clive Holland

    Coach - Clive Holland

    Relatively new to triathlon, I have fallen in love with the sport. I did my first Triathlon in 2011, a somewhat easier challenge than I set for 2010 (Lands’ End to John O’Groats) as it was the Derby Sprint. I completed the swim, Breaststroke, in a little over 15 minutes, the bike was great and the run was a shock with the steep bank and the hill of Sutton Lane ( I thought Etwall was FLAT!!).

    Anyway I was hooked I did 8 or 9 Sprint and Super sprints the following year, got myself so that I could swim 400m front crawl (after a fashion) and Joined DTC, became Co-Chair!

    Believing that I can help others get as much from our great sport as they can I have trained as a Level 2 coach. I have coached the Juniors for the last two summers and have helped out with senior swim sessions.

  • Lisa Morgan

    Coach - Lisa Morgan

    I first became interested in triathlon in 2000 when I moved to Derby and thought I would like to give it a go instead of only doing running which was my main interest at the time. I got the bug and in 2003 I competed as a British Age Grouper at the World Championships. Since then I have had a family and no longer race triathlon but I do still take part in various sports including swimming and cycling. Since the opening of Derby Arena I have become a regular on the track and compete in the track league.

    As well as being a Level 2 BTF certified coach, I have a degree in sport and was a fitness instructor before becoming a PE teacher. I am also a British Cycling Level 2 coach and am currently working towards the Level 2 Track Specific coaching qualification. I also coach weekly with Derby Mercury Cycle Club.

    By coaching people I hope I can be a part of their journey of improvement, achievements and general love of taking part in sport.

  • Jerome Jones (JJ)

    Coach - Jerome Jones (JJ)

    Known to all as JJ, I came to Triathlon fairly recently in 2013 and started taking it a bit more seriously in terms of training at the start of 2014 after joining DTC. As someone who had a background in triple jumping, decathlon and basketball as a junior and dabbling with distance running as a young adult, my cycling and especially swimming skills were next to non existent. Some might joke my cycling skills are not much improved now! But as someone who had to pretty much learn swimming right from the beginning, I found I had a great interest in the theory of technique that lay behind a successful efficient swimming stroke. I find helping others satisfying and I started to help out with junior swimming sessions in late 2014 and achieved my Triathlon level 1 coaching qualification shortly afterwards. I have now also completed my level 2. Apart from being involved directly in swimming coaching with the club, I am developing an interest in the science and maths behind training theory specific to triathlon.

  • Dave Brayer

    Coach - Dave Brayer

    My aim is to help people reach their goals and enjoy the sport of triathlon. I have focused more specifically on swimming as it tends to be the biggest area holding people back. I also coach at a number of other clubs across other sports to keep me up to date with new thinking and widen my coaching expertise. I completed the 3 day Swim Smooth Coach Education Course (Loughborough) and follow the Swim Smooth coaching philosophy.

    Favourite Triathlon distance: Sprint & Olympic

    Best moment in Tri : Numerous, including Worlds Age group qualification and sub 2:20 at Blithfield Olympic, winning my age group at Derby Tri – great race and great prizes (thanks Jim)

    Worst Tri Moment: Barton Marina Sprint in June. A huge thunderstorm with hailstones and high winds, the air temperature dropped to 7 degrees. I froze on the bike, the hailstones were like needles in my arms and face. My fingers were so numb I couldn’t get my bike helmet off in T2 and for the whole run I couldn’t feel my feet. Post race, hypothermia was rife in the Waterfront. Hot chocolate was the greatest after race drink I have ever had.

    Something you might not know: After running the Tamworth 10k in 2008 I had to walk / jog the last 4k due to a reoccurring knee injury. On a visit to a local sports injury specialist I found out I have flat feet! I now wear orthotics – biomechanics solved.

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