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2009 Handicap Results

2009 DTC Handicap Results
Well done to all those that took part in the Club Handicap and thanks to all those who helped out and provided support.

Although feeling poorly Ian still managed via Judith to relay the special race format which can only be described as a Le Mans start Mountain Top Finish Reverse Duathlon! A 75m run to the bike a 5.75km ride, 2.6km run (Andy & Bea had taken the run shoes to transition) and a final 3.75km bike ride to finish at the top of the mountain.

Calculating accurate Handicaps is always tricky and is much art as it science but for all those that stayed on course they all finished with 1min 20sec of each other and there was an exciting sprint to the mountain top!

The winner of that sprint and receiving the spoils of victory was STUART HUFTON who was sporting a very fetching look in his retro pink DTC kit.

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